Numero 74

Born in 2009 to offer a poetic bohemian-inspired realm for children, Numero 74 soon became a laboratory of experimentation and expression.

The magic of encounters led the founders of N74 to the land of smiles, Thailand, where our creations are handmade by our own artisans, working from home or small workshops, in a serene atmosphere. Passionate people, natural materials, handcrafted processes… we like finding beauty in authenticity. 
Numero 74’s creations come to life thanks to the work and know-how of artisan women from Thailand’s Northern villages. There, it is a world where machines have not replaced the human touch. Fabric cutting, sewing finishing touches, embroidery, crochet… every talent is honoured so that each woman feels free to do what she loves doing.
The women, organised in self-managed cooperatives, work from home, with the sound of children laughing in the background, or from collective workshops. This way of preserving small rural communities makes our hearts skip a beat!
No pressure to produce, nor obligation of results. The work atmosphere is relaxed, people take the time to look at each other, to share and smile.

Lea Mum Doll Quick shop Sale

Numero 74

Lea Mum Doll

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Organic Cotton Doll Tipi Quick shop Sale
Doll Metal Bed Set Quick shop Sale

Numero 74

Doll Metal Bed Set

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Doll Wardrobe Set Quick shop Sale

Numero 74

Doll Wardrobe Set

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Doll School Bench Set Quick shop Sale
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